Chrysalis Lapidary Company is a mine to market design house and boutique for fine collector minerals, exquisite natural gemstones, objects of lapidary art and personalized haute couture jewelry design. Everyone at Chrysalis is trained in the relevant scientific areas, participates in research study groups, and has a special appreciation for the earth, its geology and mineralogy, and the emergence of the exceedingly fine, rare and beautiful from the earth’s natural processes.

Chrysalis co-curators Dr. Shannon J. Graewin and Mr. Christopher J. Nohl, attend to the day to day duties of curating one of the finest mineral collections in the world of some 8,618 pieces. The fine mineral core collection numbers 83 pieces of extraordinary quality and provenance from storied locations throughout the world. The core collection includes many quintessential collectors’ species including emerald, aquamarine, azurite, morganite, tourmaline, rhodochrosite, crystallized gold, and many others. Of special note in the collection is one of the most comprehensive collections of fine Pederneira Mine, Brazilian, tourmaline ever assembled. Pieces of the core collection can be viewed in the new David Friend Hall at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, Connecticut, where they are on long term loan. Other pieces are occasionally on special exhibit at the Fine Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona, and at other institutions across North America and Europe.